PTFE Washer

PTFE washer, commonly known as Teflon washer (Teflon is a tradename of Dupont) is one of the fastest moving components manufactured in Hindustan Polymer. Hindustan Polymer is one of the leading manufacturers of PTFE washers in India. Supplying PTFE washers since 2003 we are capable of delivering high volumes of high-quality PTFE washers to top OEMs in India. Non-metallic washers made from PTFE when used with fasteners such as nuts or bolts serve multiple functions such as:- 1) Ensuring even distribution of pressure 2) Minimizing the risk of assembly loosening due to vibration or environmental factors 3) Acting as spacers or isolators PTFE washers can be used for a variety of applications. One of the most common applications for PTFE washers is the Automotive industry.PTFE washers ensure rest free application from fluid contacts. Lightweight and chemically inert to most fluids and chemicals. Another common application is the HVAC system. As we know PTFE is chemically inert and provides excellent resistance to heat and cold it is widely used in industrial, residential, and commercials HVAC systems. Benefits of PTFE washers over other Metalic washers. 1) Water resistance, making it less likely to rust or erode. 2) Chemically inert to most known chemicals 3) Temperature resistance. 4) Lowest coefficient of friction, making it easy to operate with lubrication.

Production Capacity

  • 5 Lacs to 1 Million Washers per Month.
  • Min. Order Quantity :10000 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability :10000 Piece/Pieces per Day
  • Type :PTFE
  • Color : White
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