PTFE rod which is very commonly known as Teflon rod (brand name of chemours) is widely and the most used PTFE component.PTFE rods can be shaped in various ways and can be used to manufacture different products. These PTFE rods are resistant to most known chemicals, corrosion, and stress cracking.PTFE rods are manufactured using two techniques or processes, compression-molded rods, and ram extruded rods.

PTFE rods in Hindustan Polymer are manufactured in various lengths and sizes. Also, it is available in different grades like carbon filled PTFE, glass filled PTFE, Bronze filled PTFE or any other customized filled grades.

Hindustan Polymer is one of the leading manufacturers, exporter and, supplier of high-quality PTFE rods. At Hindustan Polymer, we assure that all components manufactured to pass through strict quality checks to ensure only the best is delivered to our customers.

Size Range

  • 18 mm Dia to 150 mm Dia and 300 mm Standard Length
  • We can make up to 600 mm L , On Demand
  • Molded Rods have Better Quality than Extruded Rods

Production Capacity

  • Any Quantity as per Your Schedule.
  • Min. Order Quantity : 1000 Nos.
  • Supply Ability : 100 Nos. per Day
  • Type : Synthetic Resin and Plastics
  • Color : White or any other of your choice
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