Hindustan Polymer is one of the leading manufacturers of PTFE bushes and PTFE tubes in India. Because of its unique properties, these bushes are widely used in several applications. PTFE bushes are widely used in the Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Railways and so on. These bushes (PTFE billets) are manufactured using compression molding techniques. The compression-molded rods and bushes offer better properties as compared to extruded rods and bush because it yields greater material homogeneity which is essential for the critically machined components. The Raw material used in the manufacturing of PTFE tubes and PTFE Bushes are carefully sourced from trusted vendors from India as well as from European Countries.

Size Range

  • Outer diameter : 12 mm to 500 mm.
  • Length/height : 500 mm.
  • Also Available in Nonstandard sizes as per customers’ requirements.

Grades (RPTFE)

  • Virgin PTFE
  • Glass-filled PTFE
  • Carbon filled PTFE
  • Bronze filled PTFE
  • Graphite Filled PTFE
  • PEEK Filled PTFE
  • Rulon Filled PTFE
  • Molybdenum filled PTFE
  • Pigmented PTFE
  • Ceramic filled PTFE
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