Teflon® is a brand of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a solid polymer that is considered to be one of the world's most slippery substances. Accidentally invented in 1938 at a laboratory in Deepwater, New Jersey, in the United States, Teflon® has applications in a wide range of areas, including household goods, the aerospace industry, electronics and industrial processes. Teflon® is produced by E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, also known as DuPont. History PTFE is a fluorocarbon, a compound made up of Carbon and Fluorine, and it has the molecular formula (C2F4)n. A chemist named Roy Plunkett accidentally invented PTFE while trying to create a new chlorofluorocarbon in a New Jersey laboratory operated by Kinetic Chemicals Inc., a company that was co-founded by DuPont and General Motors. Plunkett discovered that the white, wax- like substance that was created during one of his experiments was extremely slippery and water-resistant. The substance was patented in 1941 And the Teflon® trademark was registered in 1945.
PTFE Polymer is Processed using a Very Non conventional Technique , which is normally used in the Manufacture of Ceramic Parts, the PTFE Polymer is first Cold molded by applying appropriate Pressure and then it is Sintered in an Oven by following a pre defined Sintering Cycle. If the designed Pressure is Not applied while molding or if the Proper Sintering Cycle is Not followed then it will Result in a POOR Quality PTFE Molding.
If the Molding Quality is Poor then the Valve Seat starts leaking through the Pores and if the Molding is Not Stress Free then the Valve will become tight while Operating.
If the Molding Quality is Poor then the Bellow will start leaking through the Pores and it will Not withstand the Designed Pressure Or if it is Not Machined Properly then also it will Fail to withstand the Pressure.
If the Molding Quality is Poor then the Diaphragm will Not withstand the Number of Cycles it is Designed for and also it will Start Leaking because of Permeability Problem and if it is Not Made Stress Free then it will Fail much before its Designed Life Cycles.
If the Molding Quality is Poor then the Mechanical Seal will fail at the Junction of the PTFE and GFT Joint because normally a Composite Molding of PTFE & GFT is Used in making a Mechanical Seal Bellow.
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