One of the very popular and in-demand products at Hindustan Polymer is the Carbon Filled PTFE components. Hindustan Polymer is the manufacturer of Carbon Filled PTFE rings, washers, thrust bearings, thrust pads, and any customised component. Most of the water and irrigation sector Brands in India prefer carbon filled PTFE components manufactured by Hindustan Polymer. Over the years Hindustan polymer has developed a reputation as one of the top brands to manufacture carbon filled PTFE washers, 25% carbon filled PTFE thrust Pads, 25% Carbon Filled PTFE stop rings, Carbon filled PTFE spacing washers, customized components or basic stock shapes like Carbon Filled PTFE rods, bushes, sheets, etc. From carefully choosing of the Filler grades, using high processing standards to having strict quality checks, 99% on-time delivery, and almost close to zero rejection have made Hindustan Polymer a top brand in the segment of Carbon Filled PTFE components. These components are mostly exported to the Middle Eastern Countries, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

As compared to Virgin PTFE the properties of 25% carbon filled PTFE slightly differ in terms of hardness, reduced deformation under heavy load, and better wear resistance than virgin PTFE.

Bulk Manufacturers of the following Carbon Filled Components.

  • Thrust bearing
  • Thrust washers
  • Rings
  • Valve seats
  • Bushes/Billets/Tubes
  • Thrust pads.