Bellow which is also known as expansion bellow or expansion joint are manufactured in different materials such as PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene), stainless steel, brass, and many other materials.

Hindustan Polymer is one such brand that is known for its high-quality PTFE bellows. It is one of the top companies engaged in the manufacturing of high standard bellows. Tested on high pressure our branded bellow offers extra life than most bellows available in the market. A wide range of materials are used for manufacturing bellow and expansion joint like glass-filled PTFE bellow, virgin PTFE bellow, composite bellow (glass-filled PTFE+V.PTFE+glass-filled PTFE), etc.

From customized PTFE bellows to standard PTFE bellows, all are available in bulk quantity with MOQ of 50 quantity each size. Hindustan Polymer is a well recognized PTFE manufacturer and exporter. These bellows are used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint industry, and many other manufacturing industries. From selecting raw materials till the final inspection each process involves rigorous quality checks so that only the right products are delivered to the customers.

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